Attain Health helps individuals living with cystic fibrosis optimize their health

through coaching, education, partnership and peer support.

It’s been eight years since we blindly entered the cystic fibrosis community; I remain astounded by the tenacity and dedication the CF patient population exhibits day after day. The fight, the optimism and the ability to persevere when insurmountable barriers are commonplace. Where most people would sulk away or retreat, this community rises up. We started Attain Health for our daughter and the thousands of inspiring individuals in her community who deserve to live their best health.  

Attain Health (AH) was created to work collaboratively with patients and caregivers to become empowered, activated and to establish a mindset of adherence. Our platform of Integrative Health and Performance Coaching follows the Duke Integrative Health Coaching model to provide a program that will create lasting change in client’s lives. AH will partner with individuals living with CF or their caregivers to create a personalized program to set health goals, develop an attainable plan, and establish new habits. AH will work in collaboration with clients to understand the skills and techniques necessary to overcome inevitable setbacks and to achieve each client’s vision of their ultimate health.