Attain Health - Integrating Telehealth and Integrative Health Coaching In Cystic Fibrosis Care

Author Block C. Landon, K. Q. Porco;
Ventura County Medical Center, Ventura, CA, United States,  Attain Health Foundation, Red Lodge, MT, United States.

Attain Health is a patient-centered care program uniting integrative health and physical performance coaching with community engagement and peer accountability to optimize the health of people living with cystic fibrosis. Patients understand the benefits that exercise, sound nutrition, time management, mindfulness, and productive treatments have on their health, and life expectancies. Patients are overwhelmed by the demands of cystic fibrosis, feel out of control and difficult to evoke change. These constant demands combined with the fear of cross-contamination leave individuals isolated and without peer support. Methods Each client met with a Performance Coach and Integrative Health Coach in weekly virtual meetings, weekly group coaching sessions and educational webinars from experts in the CF community. A platform of Integrative Health and Physical Performance Coaching offered clients the opportunity to set personal health goals, develop implementation plans, establish habits, and overcome inevitable setbacks to achieve their health goals. This was achieved through a virtual community, providing accountability and the community to support each other to integrate positive change. Each client was offered a ninety-minute consult with the Integrative Health Coach (IHC). The IHC discussed the parameters of the program, vision work, create an outline of the client's goals for the program, and the group coaching and counseling. A 90 minute consult followed with the performance coach conducting a movement assessment screen and establishing fitness goals. The performance coach created a strength, conditioning, and movement program for the client. The clients have unlimited access to the IHC to maintain motivation, employ mindfulness techniques, and work toward their ultimate health goals. The client had the opportunity to engage in video conferences with the performance coach to teach proper exercise technique, and address any difficulties that the client is having with the exercise program. Results The three month pilot program served fifteen clients, ages 17-54, from the United States, Canada, and Denmark. Mean increase in FEV1 was 3.3% over the three month study period with a range of -2% to +15%. Of clinical significance is one patient with FEV1 of 21% increased to 33% and was taken off transplant list. BMI improved in 10/15 patients. Two patients had goals of weight loss (BMI 29 and 31) and were successful. Conclusion The pioneering cystic fibrosis community, first to arrive in the genomics to proteomics revolution, also requires humanomics to overcome the imposed isolation of bacterial cross contamination. Telehealth and integrated health care offer promise of relief.