On-boarded Clients

Thank you for taking the next step to making this a meaningful and successful partnership. The following three documents will really help me to understand the current constraints that hold you back from realizing your health potential as well as giving us a good starting point to look toward your future.


Personal Health Inventory

You are the ultimate owner of your life and your health. Being in the driver’s seat requires a good map. It is important to know your starting point and your destination. This means knowing what your health is like now and what you would like your health to be going forward. Please take time to think about where you are now and where you want to be. 

Coaching Prep Form

One helpful way to achieve your personal health goals is to take the time to regularly evaluate your progress. This form is designed to give you a quick way to track your progress toward your goals and identify any changes you need to make to achieve them.

Wheel of Health - Reflection Activity

Personal and Professional Development: Ten Questions to Consider

Physical Environment Reflection

Personal and Professional Development: Ten Questions to Consider

Auto-Pilot Response

Many autopilot responses and habits are very beneficial to us, but what happens if these mental loops are not. 

Spirituality Reflection

No matter what your personal religious or spiritual beliefs are, you may find it useful to consider these questions as you explore the role of spirituality in your health goals.

Self-Care Reflection Activity

This form is for your reflection. Writing down your answers in your journal or talking with another person will help you more than just thinking about your answers. You may want to keep a journal so you can see how your relationships change over time.

Goal Setting Guide

This personal health plan is used to identify the areas you wish to focus on, the goals you would like to achieve, and the action steps that will get you there.