New Client Checklist

Welcome to Coaching!

As a new client, we need to get some of the formalities out of the way. Please fill out both the consent form and the coaching agreement below, prior to our first appointment. 
The PHP Manual is also below for you to peruse at any point throughout our work together. The manual is by no means something that you should feel you need to read cover to cover- it is simply a tool and I will let you know what  work you need to complete on a weekly basis. 


Client Consent Form

As a new client, your first step is to fill our Client Consent Form. This will inform you of the parameters of our program as they relate to each session. 

Coaching Agreement

The coaching agreement will review our expectations of your involvement of the program as well as what you can expect from us throughout our work together. 

Medical Release Form

This form allows us to communicate with your CF care team, to ensure the greatest success in our work together.