new pay what you want model: living with Cf is demanding but we don’t want it to be limiting. You can choose to pay the minimum or throw in a little extra to support the attain health team and help us provide more services to the cf community. thanks for your help. - kat+Mike

Training with Attain Health

Physical activity is important for everyone, but it is an essential component of your CF treatment regimen. Attain Health coaches are not just strength, conditioning, and mobility experts, but we also live with CF, and we understand the demands that are a part of your disease management.

What’s included:

● Team up with other individuals with CF, and and encourage each other to meet your goals.

● Initial video consultation to review your goals, disease progression, exercise history, physical limitations, program overview, and perform movement screen.

● Personalized progressive strength, conditioning, and mobility programs that are designed to meet your needs, as an individual with CF, and your access to exercise equipment.

●Access to team training app to view your workouts, watch instructional exercise videos, and chat with your coach and team.

● Weekly team meetings with with an Attain strength and conditioning coach to access exercise technique, ask questions, and motivate each other.