We know all too well the isolation and overwhelm that is associated with having CF. We offer weekly virtual peer engagement groups to offer a place of support, encouragement and friendship.

This program is free of charge for youth, teens and adults living with CF

All groups are facilitated by Brian Devine, an adult living with CF.

Brian has CF and is 43 years young. Brian is highly motivated to be in the best shape as he possibly can to fight CF, as well as encourage others to do the same. Brian's beautiful sister passed away from CF at 39, she is his inspiration. He uses that inspiration to partner with clients to harvest their strength and determination, overcoming hurdles and seeing their health realized. 

Q&A for Parents of Youth/Teen Participants 

Q: What can I expect from this group for my child
A: This is a facilitated support group, encouraging positive friendships with those in the CF community.

Q: What will be discussed?
A: Topics will vary on age group, but CF is the common thread between everyone in the groups. However, it usually includes discussions about pets, school, trips, games of “would you rather” and finding disease/life balance.

Q: What is my role as a parent?
A: You can support your child in a number of ways! Making sure they are on time and ready to engage is first and foremost. Our facilitators volunteer their time, so please be respectful and make sure that they have a good wifi connection and are not in a public area that is distracting for others. Feel free to have your child come up with a topic to discuss each week and encourage them to bring the joys and the hurdles of CF to group.

Q: Can my child bring their pet to group?
A: Absolutely! As long as it is not a distraction for your child, we highly encourage it!

Q: What will my child get out of these groups?
A: A safe space to share their experiences with CF and an overarching sense of community.

Q: What is the time commitment?
A: Groups meet every week for 1 hour, these are drop-in groups, so please come whenever you can!

Q: What is the role of the facilitator?
A: The role of Brian is to encourage the development of a healthy, positive and supportive space where kids living with CF can feel “normal” and develop lifelong friendships.

Q: What if a topic comes up that is not “appropriate?”
A: We have a facilitator so that it remains a safe space for all young children. We want children to talk about their fears and frustrations in a place that is supportive and can offer constructive feedback. We believe that this enables children to have a healthier relationship with their disease.

Q: What is the next step to getting my child involved in the program?
A: SIGN UP below! Then Brian or Kat will reach out to you to make sure your child is matched with the best group for their age and maturity.