EmPower Program

The CFRD EmPower Program is a 12-week education and coaching program that provides participants with the tools necessary to successfully manage CFRD.

Program led by: Kat Porco, MS, NBC-HWC, Level 2 Diabetes Educator
Program developed in partnership with: Marci Butcher, RD, CDE
Program review committee: Colleen Wood, MD; Terri Schindler, RD; Carol Brunzell, RD, CDE


  1. Lower your hemoglobin A1C - if you have CFRD, A1C measures your average blood glucose over 2 months.

  2. Minimize blood sugar highs and lows - not only is average blood sugar important, but it is critical to minimize extremes and increase the time you spend within a tight blood sugar range.

  3. Improve consistency of testing blood sugar testing - Frequent testing leads to better knowledge on how you react to carbohydrates and insulin. More frequent testing will enable you to better control your blood sugar.

What you get:

  1. One-on-one vision planning with Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

  2. Weekly modules that include a webinar from CFRD Endocrinologists, Pharmacists and Dietitians

  3. Weekly group coaching sessions with a Diabetes Educator

  4. Access to Dario Engage: real-time data and blood sugar and food tracking program

  5. Weekly blood sugar review and suggestions from from Diabetes Educator

Course Syllabus:

WEEK 1: Goals and Knowledge Assessment

WEEK 2: Introduction to Diabetes

WEEK 3: Pathophysiology of CFRD

WEEK 4: Blood Sugar Management

WEEK 5: Self Blood Glucose Management

WEEK 6: CFRD Nutrition

WEEK 7: Carb Counting

WEEK 8: Hypoglycemia

WEEK 9: Illness + CFRD

WEEK 10: Technology and CFRD Management

WEEK 11: What Else Could it Be?

Overview of CFRD

Dr. Colleen Wood, Pediatric endocrinology, Billings cinic